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Hello! My name is Melissa :)
My passion is food, wellness, and spirituality.
I was cooking and baking since I can remember. I have pictures of me at 3 years old baking cupcakes!
My offerings to the world are Nu Cosmic Earth & Nu Earth Wellness, formerly Simply Delish!
I am a Holistic Health Coach, Baker, Chef, and Plant-Based Mom!

My mission besides being a mom on this beautiful Earth is to help others step into their power, to deepen their intuition, to have a healthy relationship with food, and to fall deeply in love with themselves and their bodies!
I want everyone to live in their fullest expression and to live a life of joy and happiness!

I believe that health and wellness is WHOLEistic and we are all Multi-Dimensional Beings - the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual is all connected. As we learn to integrate and balance all of these in a way that feels in alignment with our hearts, that is where the true healing happens.

We already have everything within us to feel happy, healthy, and whole- sometimes we just need a little help to connect us back into our power.

Our bodies are our temples and we just have to learn how to nourish them :)
When we are able to connect in with Primary Food- nourishing ourselves off the plate with self-love, self-care, mindfullness, and other practices we begin a journey of self-discovery. We are able to see what is in balance and what's not in our lives and make the necessary shifts to live a happier and healthier life, filled with love.
We are able to connect in with Secondary Food- nourishing ourslves on the plate. Fueling our bodies, our temples with highly nourishing nutrient dense foods. We learn to have a healthy relationship with food, and we begin to use food as medicine!

Whether you are looking to connect in with nutrition, accountabilty, movement, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, energy healing, spirituality, self-care, shedding limiting beleifs and old habits, loosing weight, hormone balance, gut health,entrepreneur life, mom life, or maybe you just need a sacred space to release and let go-
as a Coach, I am here for you every step of the way. It would be an honor to be able to create sacred space for your transformation, growth, expansion, and healing. I will always be your #1 accountability cheerleader, motivating you and encouraging you every step of the way!

Integrative Nutrition | Holistic Wellness

Nourish Your Temple | Food as Medicine
Self-Love | Self-Care | Transformation
Align with Your Highest Self

Soulful Healing! Let's explore your Wellness Vision together.
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Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
Soul Purpose & Life Empowerment Coach
Certified Shamanic Reiki & Usui Reiki Master Teacher
RYT 200 Yogi | Crystals | Meditation

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