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Hello! My name is Melissa :)
My passion is food, wellness, and spirituality.
I was cooking and baking since I can remember. I have pictures of me at 3 years old baking cupcakes!
My offerings to the world are Nu Cosmic Earth & Nu Earth Wellness, formerly Simply Delish!
I am a Holistic Health Coach, Baker, Chef, and Plant-Based Mom!

My mission besides being a mom on this beautiful Earth is to help others step into their power, to deepen their intuition, to have a healthy relationship with food, and to fall deeply in love with themselves and their bodies!
I want everyone to live in their fullest expression and to live a life of joy and happiness!

I believe that health and wellness is WHOLEistic and we are all Multi-Dimensional Beings - the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual is all connected. As we learn to integrate and balance all of these in a way that feels in alignment with our hearts, that is where the true healing happens.

We already have everything within us to feel happy, healthy, and whole- sometimes we just need a little help to connect us back into our power.

Our bodies are our temples and we just have to learn how to nourish them :)
When we are able to connect in with Primary Food- nourishing ourselves off the plate with self-love, self-care, mindfullness, and other practices we begin a journey of self-discovery. We are able to see what is in balance and what's not in our lives and make the necessary shifts to live a happier and healthier life, filled with love.
We are able to connect in with Secondary Food- nourishing ourslves on the plate. Fueling our bodies, our temples with highly nourishing nutrient dense foods. We learn to have a healthy relationship with food, and we begin to use food as medicine!

Whether you are looking to connect in with nutrition, accountabilty, movement, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, energy healing, spirituality, self-care, shedding limiting beleifs and old habits, loosing weight, hormone balance, gut health,entrepreneur life, mom life, or maybe you just need a sacred space to release and let go-
as a Coach, I am here for you every step of the way. It would be an honor to be able to create sacred space for your transformation, growth, expansion, and healing. I will always be your #1 accountability cheerleader, motivating you and encouraging you every step of the way!

Integrative Nutrition | Holistic Wellness

Nourish Your Temple | Food as Medicine
Self-Love | Self-Care | Transformation
Align with Your Highest Self

Soulful Healing! Let's explore your Wellness Vision together.
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Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
Soul Purpose & Life Empowerment Coach
Certified Shamanic Reiki & Usui Reiki Master Teacher
RYT 200 Yogi | Crystals | Meditation

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Monthly Accountability Group - June 2024 - Boost Your immune System and Gut Health
Do you need some accountability and motivation?  
This will be off social media! This group will be through text! I will share an inspirational, Motivational, and Encouraging message each day and will share an Oracle Card each day!
You will receive tips and tools to boost your immune system and gut health!
We will dive into foods and practices that can help nourish your gut and immune system.
We will learn how gut health is directly related to your mood.
You will have on-going support and be in a safe and loving community!
Daily and Weekly Check-ins.
Monthly Group Meditation

We will be focusing on Gut Health! "From diet and sleep to stress and exercise, everything we do plays a role in how we think, feel, and act. Our gut is linked to nearly every system and organ in our body, including our brain, digestive system, immune system, and hormones. Simple tweaks to your daily routine can help boost your immunity, protect your gut, and make you feel better."

Let's nourish ourselves together! You will get a confirmation text once your order has been received :) I look forward to being on this journey with you!!

I will be your #1 accountability cheerleader, motivating you and encouraging you every step of the way!

Each month we will focus on a different theme :)